Coral IP PBX Platform

The Coral IPx family of products is a powerful communications platform. It provides built-in voice and data convergence by combining IP-rich technology with the stability of TDM technologies. Coral IPx systems are complete networking solutions, offering powerful unified communications and multi-media capabilities, mobility features, and a host of IP-related features. Ideal for single deployment or multi-site networks, Coral IPx systems are suitable for organizations of all sizes, offering models that scale from a dozen to over 6000 ports. All system components, including telephones, trunk and station cards, voice messaging, database and common control elements can be easily scaled while protecting your investment.

Your Benefits:

  • Powerful networking capabilities over hundreds of sites
  • Supports a variety of interfaces, including E1, T1, PRI, and IP
  • SIP trunk and gateway support
  • Network management and fault monitoring tool
  • Built-in fault tolerance and disaster recovery mechanisms (larger models)
  • Hundreds of proven Coral telephony features and applications
  • Support for relaying fax transmissions over IP networks in real time
  • MS Exchange integration for real-time web conferencing, instant messaging, and video/audio conversations
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