Moshe Mitz - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Mr. Mitz was appointed CEO of Tadiran Telecom in November 2016. Mr. Mitz brings with him over 25 years of experience in telecommunications and management of large corporations.

Prior to joining the company, Mr. Mitz Owner and CEO of Medicom Quality Products and MSM Business Development. In the past, he also served as CEO of the Port of Eilat and as Vice President of Cellcom, a leading cellular service provider in Israel.

Alon Hershkovitz - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

As a CPA, Mr. Hershkovitz has accrued over 14 years of financial expertise.

Prior to joining Tadiran in  September 2010, Mr. Hershkovitz lived and worked in Africa as  Chief Finance Officer and Deputy CEO at NLPI Group - infrastructure-related  investments throughout Southern Africa. Before that, Mr. Hershkovitz held a senior position at KPMG, an international audit and consulting firm

Moti Tager - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Mr. Tager has 38 years of experience in military and civilian communications, which he began as a technical officer in the Communications and Electronics corps of the IDF. Mr. Tager joined Tadiran Telecom in 1982 and since then has held a wide variety of positions such as VP Engineering, VP R&D and, during the last 5 years VP Resources. In his current role, Mr. Tager is responsible for the operations, purchasing, logistics and IT departments and is also in charge of human resources for the company.


Gal Ben-Yair - CTO and VP Product Management


Mr. Ben-Yair joined Tadiran in September 2012 and brought with him over 15 years of experience the fields of unified communications and contact centers. As CTO and AVP product management, Mr. Ben-Yair is responsible for Tadiran's flagship product, Aeonix, as well as the Coral, IPX and UCx platforms. Prior to working at Tadiran, Gal worked at Shoretel as a senior developer and system architect for ShoreTel's contact center solution. Before that, Gal worked at EasyRun where he was in charge of integration of the EPIC Contact Center with different PBX platforms such as 3Com, Cisco, ShoreTel, Avaya, and Nortel.






Hagai Glazner - VP Research & Development


Prior to his appointment as VP Research & Development, Hagai served as AVP Development, and was instrumental in the launch of the Aeonix in January 2013.  With over 20 years experience in R&D programming and applications development, Hagai is an expert in management of large scale, real-time, software development projects, specifically in the areas of enterprise communications and contact centers.

Menachem Shimon - VP Engineering & Quality Assurance

Mr. Shimon has been part of Tadiran Telecom since 1978, and has contributed much to the company in the many positions he has held during his tenure. Currently, Mr. Shimon has total responsibility for Engineering and Quality Assurance activities in Tadiran. Under his leadership, these two divisions have achieved a long list of accomplishments that contribute directly to the bottom line and, more importantly, to the high level of customer satisfaction we strive to maintain.


David (Deddy) Young - VP Global Customer Support

Mr. Young leads the Global Customer Support department which was established last year and all regional support teams report directly to him at the Corporate Headquarters.

David brings to Tadiran 18 years of experience in high tech and is an expert in technical operations, product management, unified communications and contact centers. He spent three years working in the US building the technical team for EasyRun.