Boundless Cloud Communications

Unified Communications on a Cloud

Organizations increasingly embrace cloud-based services for data center infrastructure, typically when they can no longer expand their own data center or as they are looking for operational benefits such as scalability, automation or disaster recovery, and cost reduction. Moving an organization’s communications solutions to a CSP can sound like a daunting task, but what if you still want to move your entire IT infrastructure, including your communications platform, to your preferred cloud provider?

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Moving your communications to the cloud will allow you to:

1. Save on bandwidth between remote sites
2. Choose your own cloud platform and move between CSPs
3. Buy only the functionality you need, when you need it
4. Manage your telephony system in an easy and simple way
5. Have the best Disaster Recovery Strategy – at the Lowest Cost
6. Pure private cloud over public IaaS – No hardware needed
7. Maintain full functionality for remote phones without VPN

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Cloud Portability - BYOC

Tadiran’s ‘Bring Your Own Cloud’ approach empowers businesses of any size to select a cloud provider of their own choosing for their Aeonix UC&C installation. While many communications solutions are restricted to the provider’s own cloud infrastructure or cannot be deployed on the cloud at all, Tadiran’s ‘Bring Your Own Cloud’ approach will offer the flexibility of choosing the most suitable cloud provider for your company.