The Ingate  SIParator®  enterprise session border controller (E-SBC) from Ingate®Systems has been selected as the primary E-SBC solution to be resold by Tadiran Telecom for its Aeonix software-based Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) platform.


The Ingate SIParator E-SBC is delivered either as a software system or as hardware solution platform, both fully certified to work with Aeonix UC&C. The SIParator ensures integration between Aeonix UC&C and remote users with SIP telephones, as well as with SIP trunk service providers, resulting in fast, simplified deployments. The Ingate E-SBC easily configures to work with the Aeonix and SIP trunk service providers.


Ingate SIParators employ Internet security features to protect the Aeonix installation, while also enabling remote NAT traversal. The Ingate SIParator can also use TLS and SRTP to encrypt SIP signaling and media for full privacy. These capabilities ensure that the enterprise security is maintained in SIP trunk deployments.


Tadiran Telecom requires that an SBC be used for remote SIP trunks and stations to ensure interoperability and remote NAT.

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