The AudioCodes Mediant VE Session Border Controller as our primary SBC product for all Aeonix solutions 



AudioCodes Mediant Virtual Edition (VE) session border controller (SBC) is designed to meet today’s demands of enterprises and service providers looking to virtualize their infrastructure and harmonize their datacenters on commodity server hardware.



The Virtual Edition SBC is a highly scalable solution supporting SIP interoperability, media handling (including transcoding) and security, it provides full SBC functionality for enterprises and service providers looking to deliver voice services such as hosted business services, unified communications and contact centers via private or public clouds.



The Mediant VE SBC can be deployed as a VNF on leading NFV platforms and uCPE devices, as well as native servers, and is compatible with leading orchestration solutions.


The Mediant VE SBC is compatible with Aeonix Versions 3.2 (service pack 1) and above.  The Mediant VE SBC is now part of Tadiran’s product portfolio and can be purchased directly from Tadiran, who will also provide basic training and support.



Below are the highlighted advantages of the Mediant VE SBC:



For Aeonix customers, a certified SBC is mandated whenever remote SIP phones or a connection to ITSP is required for both functional and security reasons.