Unified Messaging – SeaMail

The SeaMail module is a SIP-based voicemail system that manages telephone messages for users connected to Aeonix  systems. It allows users to retrieve incoming messages from personalized mailboxes associated with their alias number. Its users can perform a wide range of activities on voice messages, such as:

  • Listen to received messages and manage them
  • Record and forward messages to another mailbox or group
  • Set up individual voicemail settings, including password, introductory greeting, and wake-up calls
  • Activate or disable screening of calls

SeaMail provides an automated attendant facility, directing callers to a “main” business number to access directory service or self-route the call to various places such as a specific department, an alias number, or a mailbox.
In addition, SeaMail offers a Unified Messaging (UM) option enabling users to receive voice messages as email attachments, or have their emails be converted to voice files and listen to them from their voice mailbox.

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