Vertical Markets


Tadiran’s solutions for the railway are based on a fault tolerant systems designed with hot standby options, robust networking over different infrastructures, highly configurable routing schemes, and open standards including interfaces to CCTV, rail crossings and other equipment.


Tadiran Telecom has been serving government organizations on the federal, state, and municipal levels for over 40 years. With a reputation for outstanding service, rock-solid quality and superior performance, Tadiran Telecom communications systems provide the capabilities you need today.


Tadiran Telecom solutions are well recognized as the reliable and flexible choice for the hospitality industry. With a vast array of telephone terminals, ranging from standard single line phones, to display phones and softphones, Tadiran UC&C solutions provide demanding travelers with multiple features, staff with transparent administration, and everyone with ultimate ease-of-use.


While each hospital and healthcare facility has their own unique communications requirements, they also share many of the same expectations from their telecom solution. First and foremost, their telecom infrastructure must enable them to deliver the highest quality care and services to their patients. Staff members, including doctors, nurses, and system administrators must be provided with the tools to handle patient care effectively.


From K-12 through to higher education, the business of education is as complex an enterprise as any industry. The requirements of cost-effective communications solutions are just as important. University and school district communications needs are being evaluated on community as well as district levels to include sophisticated networking for voice, data and video. Issues such as security, safety, reliability, and operational consistency throughout multiple locations are key issues in the education sector. Tadiran Telecom continues to be the choice of educational organizations because of our inherent feature set and flexible architecture.


An electrical grid is a large, interconnected network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers. It consists of three main components: power generating plants, transmission lines, and transformers that reduce voltage for final delivery. It is crucial to an electrical power grid to constantly monitor, enhance and optimize Energy Management in a secure and timely manner. Selecting the right Communications solution to use in the Energy Management process is a key factor in successfully running any electrical grid.

Solution Highlights

  • Mission-critical services and applications
  • UC&C including large voice and video conferencing & collaboration
  • Single, dual control, and hot standby redundancy options
  • Dynamic rerouting mechanism for handling peak conditions
  • Touch screen dispatch console
  • Robust, reliable networking for hundreds of sites
  • Large port capacity with up to 25,000 endpoints per network node
  • Voice recording
  • Central network monitoring – network and fault management too

Our Solution

Tadiran solutions for electric power grids comprise a fault tolerant and resilient real-time communications systems network for power dispatchers. This network allows dispatchers to communicate with peers at the district, regional, and substation levels. The mission-critical communications network is built with multiple levels of redundancy and network flow algorithms to insure that all calls get to their destination. In extreme load conditions in the network, calls are routed to destinations using a dynamic look ahead routing mechanism and by predefined priority rules (priority preemption).

Depending on the location and hierarchy in the network, dispatchers are equipped with dispatch consoles ranging from special feature phones at the low end up to specialized touch screen terminals at the high end. The dispatch console allows the dispatcher to communicate with one or more dispatchers (pre-defined or ad hoc conferences) with a click of a button. Dispatchers can also view live feeds from critical nodes in the network (manned/unmanned) using Pan-Tilt-Zoom controlled CCTV cameras directly from the dispatch console. All the calls in the dispatch system are recorded and can be stored for future analysis and review.

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