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Unified Communications& Collaboration Cloud

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Bringing Enterprise Communications to the Cloud. Aeonix4Cloud is a pure software based Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) solution which delivers all the advanced solutions of an on premise PBX. 

Pure Cloud Solution

Aeonix4Cloud eliminates the need for most onsite hardware,
and all its related costs and maintenance concerns 

Seamless User Experience 

Whether your employees all sit in the same office or are dispersed in multiple locations or home offices, Aeonix4Cloud delivers one seamless user experience.

Aeonix4Cloud Simplicity

  • Intuitive to Administrate

  • Fast and Automated Deployment

  • Straightforward User Training

Aeonix4Cloud Scalability

One product for all sizes of customers, buy only what you need today… and let the system grow with your company

Aeonix4Cloud Reliability

High Availability means never having to worry about losing calls

Unique Advantages

  • Single user license enables multiple devices

  • Secure and Reliable

  • Proven Performance

  • Robust Capabilities

  • Simple self-management and user control

  • Ultimate user experience and adoption that enhances employee productivity and engagement

  • Powerful, flexible call routing

  • Monitor and data reporting tools 

High-End. Low Price. 

Why compromise on a standard phone system or other communication cloud when you can enjoy High-End features like a large enterprise at the same cost.

  • Unified Messaging

  • Touch Desktop/Mobile voice, video and messaging Communications

  • Advanced, flexible call routing

  • Contact Center

  • Collaboration via Zoom Integration

  • Emergency Response Control Console

  • Large, multi-party Audio Conference

  • Call Recording

  • Attendant Console

Aeonix4Cloud was designed to improve customer and employee engagement, enable agile remote working, and dramatically improve productivity - all at an affordable price.

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