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Aeonix Call Recording
Document and comply with regulations

The Aeonix Logger

A next generation call recording solution based on SIP active recording that allows recording of any endpoint and logical entity in the system. It enables contact centers, financial institutions, transportation, utilities, public safety and other vertical markets to comply with regulations and document all information related to business operations.

Active Recording

Based on SIP active recording, Aeonix Logger 2G enables recording of any endpoint and logical entity in the system. These include analog phones, digital phones, digital trunks, VoIP phones, SIP trunks and more. Active recording is transparent to deployment and network topology. This enables centralized recording and does not require any port mirroring.



  • Affordable professional voice recording

  • Comprehensive recording, archiving, search, monitoring, and playback capabilities

  • Screen Monitoring & Capturing

  • Scalable and modular single platform architecture that offers agility and reduces investment

  • Flexible approach: Total Recording, Selective Recording, and Recording on Demand

  • Browser based management

  • Complies with federal regulations



  • Migration from legacy to Aeonix Logger 2G without losing valuable information and data

  • Encryption

  • Multiple recording modes

  • Total selective

  • Sticky recording

  • Restful API for integration with CRMs

  • Modern look and feel

  • Easy installation and setup

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