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Aeonix Contact Center
Customer & Employee Experience

Aeonix Contact Center

First Point Customer Interaction Management


In contrast to call centers, contact centers represent essential robust multimedia contact points between companies and their customers. Contact centers allow customers to choose between telephony, email, and chat customer contact options.

This allows companies to track and manage time in queue, make intelligent and sophisticated routing decisions for their customer contacts, and help minimize call abandonment.

It allows companies to maximize return on investment within its agent base and to ensure that staffing adjusts dynamically to demand.

Aeonix Contact Center detailed historical, real time and cradle to grave reporting allow organizations to easily, and quickly measure contact center resources and to adjust to changing business demands.The ACC integrates seamlessly with customer CRM solutions and can easily blend inbound and outbound calls to manage sales campaigns and customer order processing. Aeonix Contact Center is recognized by our customers and resellers as the most intuitive, flexible and easy to use contact center in the industry.

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Key Benefits:

  • Full solution for customer engagement

  • Fast deployment  

  • Easy operation and administration

  • Low ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ and fast ROI 

  • Better data driven operations and business process management 

  • Multi channel

  • Web based agent and reporting

  • Active call recording

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Aeonix Contact Center Features:


  • Multi Channel Queuing

  • CRM and Database integration

  • Multi-Site support

  • Sophisticated IVR

  • Outbound, Callback and Campaigns

  • Superior Management Information System

  • State of the art CSR tools

  • Screen-Pops

  • Multi Language support

  • High Availability for Redundancy

  • Cradle to Grave reporting

  • Multi layer routing:Priority, Skill based, Statistical, Business rules, Customer value

  • Automated PC-less Mode

  • Integrated Agent Sessions Recording

  • 1000 IVR Ports

  • 600 concurrent logged-in Agents

Admin Features

  • Leverages Easy-to-use Wizards

  • Flexible Configuration of Routing Rules

  • Define Business Hours and Overflow Rules

  • Manage Email, Web and Voice Through Common Rules

  • Provide IVR Functionality to Callers

  • Manage Agent and Supervisory Profiles

  • Define Skill Sets and Priorities


Visor Features 


  • Real-time reporting

  • Agent and interaction monitoring

  • Service level visibility

  • Customer interaction visibility

  • Historical Reports

  • Business data for informed decisions

  • Contact center performance analysis

  • Inbound,Outbound, E-mail and Web data

  • 3rd Party Reader Board Support

Agent Features

  • Multimedia Handling

  • Inbound and Outbound Voice, Fax, E-mail & Web

  • Customer Visibility

  • In-queue windows

  • Screen Pops

  • Soft-phone

  • Interaction handling icons

  • Important Messages Reader Board

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