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Aeonix Touch Clients

Aeonix Touch is a state of the art client communications manager that enables enterprises to improve their communications both internally and externally, while saving time and money. All your enterprise communications tools are available to all users, no matter where they are, to ensure continuous communications and excellent customer service.

Aeonix Touch users can make and receive Aeonix system calls from devices running on multiple platforms. The Aeonix system can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Aeonix UC&C server via the Internet. Local subscribers are connected to the Aeonix UC&C server via their local area network.

Aeonix Touch Clients

Desktop Application:
- Support of LAN, WAN, WAN over VPN and Wifi connections

Mobile Application:
- Mobile phone used to make and receive Aeonix system calls
- Support of 3G, 4G and Wifi connections
- Applications for Android and iOS
- Can be used as an Aeonix Contact Center Agent phone or as a PC-less Agent

Visual Voice Mail:
- Aeonix Touch can now display a visual list of Voice Mail messages.
- The Voice Mail list is accessed via the Voice Mail feature button.
- The Voice Mail feature button displays a badge showing the number of pending Voice Mail messages

Synchronization of Contacts:
- Aeonix Touch users can synchronize their personal contact list from their mobile phone

Point to Point Video:
- Supports industry standard video codecs for internal and third party endpoint video calls

- Aeonix Touch supports secured calls (TLS/SRTP)

Aeonix Directory:
- Instant access to all Aeonix users and groups

Instant Messaging:
- With Aeonix Touch, users can chat in real time between UC clients and/or between UC clients and SIP phones

Additional Features:
- Recent and missed call indication
- Camp on
- User profile photo
- Multi party conference
- Deflection (or rejection) of Calls to Voice Mail on Call Reject

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