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General Availability of Aeonix Version 7.5

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of Aeonix Version 7.5.

Below please find the new additions to our product offering to assist you in your sales efforts.

Aeonix Collaboration:

Tadiran is very happy to announce that the integration of the ZOOM tm Platform is now available for Aeonix On-Prem systems as well as Aeonix4Cloud. Now, all your customers can truly rely on only one system to bring teams together and improve customer service with the click of a button.

Aeonix Collaboration has the following features:

  • Video collaboration with the full suite of Zoom features such as Chat, Whiteboard, Background, and more

  • Meeting schedules and sharing via Microsoft Outlook, with Aeonix Collaboration options fully integrated into the Outlook GUI via a plugin

  • Aeonix Personal Meeting Room which is always available (not scheduled) for ad-hoc meetings and for non-Microsoft clients and environments

  • Option to run meeting audio on a separate device

*Zoom and the Zoom logo are trademarks of Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Aeonix Touch:

  • Aeonix Touch Hidden Mode

    • Touch for Windows Platform can operate in "hidden mode" where it can serve as an ACC Agent or the ADC operator's primary handset, but keeps its GUI off the screen to reduce clutter

  • The link to the recording for a call is now displayed in the Touch GUI

ADC Combine Multiple Conference Calls:

Aeonix and Aeonix Dispatch Console now support combining multiple conference calls into a single call. The total number of attendees can hear and talk to each other, but conference call controls remain in the hand of each conference call initiator. A "sub-conference" can be removed from the combined conference call, and re-added, by the ADC Dispatcher

Aeonix Voice Mail:

  • A new option is available in User General Profile: “Enforce Strong PIN”

  • Support of blacklist file

    • AAA-AASD

  • Add ability to call a number with predefined audio message

  • Cascading VM – add ability to call multiple targets

  • Add a search filter to "Available audio files"

  • AAA allows an ACC agent to record his greeting

  • SMS service connection in Aeonix

  • Add support to send SMS from AAA

  • AVM can send the same email to multiple addresses


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