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Tadiran Advances Operational Excellence and Sustainability with 2bcloud Technology

NEW YORK, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- 2bcloud, a leading next-generation multi-cloud managed service provider for tech companies on their cloud journey, today announced the successful cloud transformation of Tadiran Telecom, a telecommunications pioneer with more than 60 years of industry leadership. This digital evolution marks a significant milestone in Tadiran's storied history, further cementing its global presence in more than 41 countries.

With the cloud revolution reshaping the industry landscape, Tadiran Telecom recognized the need to modernize its legacy systems and solutions. The company's transition from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud was driven by the necessity for scalability, agility, enhanced security, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. To navigate this complex cloud journey and to support its thousands of users in North America and Israel, Tadiran partnered with 2bcloud, leveraging their deep expertise in Microsoft Azure to ensure a seamless and strategic migration that will also facilitate Tadiran's market expansion to Western Europe.

The collaboration began with 2bcloud's comprehensive assessment of Tadiran's infrastructure, followed by the development of a customized Azure migration plan. This solution encompassed Tadiran's full range of communication technologies while integrating green technology principles to align with the company's sustainability goals.

The meticulous implementation, executed by 2bcloud's and Tadiran Telecom's skilled engineers, involved a synchronized migration of Tadiran's data, applications, and services while maintaining operational continuity. The new Azure-based infrastructure underwent rigorous testing to ensure peak performance and security, reflecting Tadiran's high standards and commitment to its customers. Thousands of Tadiran users worldwide, including mission-critical users of their cloud-based call centers, have already been moved to Azure without interruption of service. They also continue to use Tadiran's cloud delivery model that brings unified communication like collaboration and video conferencing into a single service while integrating with other organizational applications and platforms like customer relationship management (CRM), Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Tadiran Telecom's migration to Azure delivered the following results: 

  • Scalability: Tadiran gained the flexibility to adjust resources as needed, enhancing cost efficiency.

  • Reliability: Azure's robust infrastructure ensured high availability and reliability, aligning with Tadiran's commitment to superior service.

  • Security: Advanced Azure security features fortified Tadiran's defenses against cyber threats.

  • Environmental Impact: Azure's integration of "green technology" advanced Tadiran Telecom's environmental goals.

  • Global Reach: Azure's global presence facilitated seamless communication with Tadiran's regional offices and customers worldwide. This includes GEO Redundancy between major Azure locations and a new Azure cloud in Israel.

2bcloud's unwavering support throughout the migration minimized downtime and facilitated a smooth transition, showcasing the potential of cloud technology to revolutionize business operations while honoring a legacy of excellence. As Tadiran Telecom continues to innovate and lead in the telecommunications industry, the partnership with 2bcloud provides a model of how long-established technology companies can embrace digital advancements and environmental consciousness to remain at the forefront of their industries.


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