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How to Choose an Emergency Operations Control Console for School Security?

Schools should consider several factors when choosing an emergency operations control console. The type of school, its location, and the size of the school district are essential considerations.

In addition, the console should be able to accommodate the specific needs of the school's security system.

School's Specific Needs

The first step in choosing an emergency operations control console is to determine the school's specific needs. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Does the school district have a history of shootings?

  • How is the weather in the area?

  • What is the size of the school district?

  • Is the community urban, suburban, or rural?

  • How many schools are in the neighborhood?

  • What is the level of security at each school?

  • What type of emergencies has the community experienced in the past?

  • What is the potential for natural disasters in the area?

Answering these questions will help school officials narrow down the list of potential consoles.

District Size and Location

The size of the district and its location are also important factors to consider. For example, a large neighborhood with many schools will likely need a more robust console than a small district with only a few schools.

The location of the district is also important. For example, a rural district is likely to have different security needs than an urban district.

Console Functionality

Schools also need to determine the extent of the console's functionality. Does the school district need a console that can only be used for emergency response, or does it need a console that can also be used for day-to-day operations?

Some consoles are designed specifically for emergency response, while others are intended for general use.

The type of emergencies the district is likely to experience should also be considered. For example, if the district is located in an area prone to tornadoes, the console should be able to track weather conditions and provide alerts to school officials.

If the district has a history of shootings, the console should be able to lock doors, turn off lights, and send alerts to law enforcement.

How Does Aeonix Emergency Operations Control Console Help Schools Amp Up Security?

The Aeonix Emergency Operations Control Console is an HTML 5 web application that runs from a desktop web browser on a smartphone, tablet, or another portable device.

It has the following highlighting features:

  • Revolutionary UI Design: An emergency operations control console cannot afford to have a clunky user interface. It needs to be sleek, fast, and efficient. The Aeonix console has a revolutionary user interface designed for speed and efficiency.

  • Flexible and Scalable: The Aeonix console is flexible and scalable. It can be customized to fit the specific needs of any school district.

  • Managed Group Call: The console allows school officials to make group calls to all the schools in the district simultaneously.

  • Priority Answer: The Priority Answer feature allows school officials first to answer calls from schools on lockdown.

Additionally, the Aeonix Emergency Operations Control Console can send visual alerts to Dispatchers and supports voice reporting. Therefore, schools can use the console for day-to-day operations and emergency response.


An emergency operations control console can efficiently complement school security since it provides a central command center for school resource officers during active shooter, hazardous weather, or other unprecedented situations.

It also allows law enforcement to have an uninterrupted flow of information and enables them to manage the scene more effectively.

In short, an emergency operations control console can help keep students and faculty safe during a crisis. When choosing an emergency operations control console, it is essential to consider the size of the school, the type of emergencies that could occur, and the budget.

Most importantly, everyone with a role to play in school security should be familiar with the functionality and use of the console.


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