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WFH (work from home) and your UCaaS business telephony system

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled countless businesses to turn to work from home (WFM). Even though some offices are resuming in-person procedures, several are cherry-picking to welcome the new actuality of WFM. Communiqué is undoubtedly necessary for any business, but it’s indispensable for remote processes. Therefore, your business telephony should be nifty, up-to-date, and a reasonable solution for interacting in an age of disseminated work.

The importance of a remote office system

WFM is about much more than calling each other. It assimilates all of your interactions, so your team does business quicker and healthier. This is why it is an absolute necessity:

Support remote work: 61% of employees wish to work completely isolated. Since remote personnel tend to be 24% more efficient, a remote job is fantastic for both bosses and employees. Nonetheless, the business has to back remote work with better tools like Aeonix.

Improve productivity: Has an electricity shutdown ever blackout your office phone system? Interruption costs you precious efficiency, and Aeonix guarantees your system stays connected by hook or by crook. Aeonix keeps your team moving with a prearranged plan centred in the cloud that’s available anywhere, anytime.

Be more competitive: Small businesses get loads of benefits out of Aeonix. It emancipates up your capitals so you can contest against superior enterprises. Give clienteles a tailored experience without preceding your employees’ efficiency. Aeonix allows you to customize greetings, judiciously direct calls, and undertake a greater call volume with the same quantity of workforces. It’s not surprising that 82% of industries save money when they move to Aeonix.

Bringing Enterprise Communications to the Cloud

Aeonix4Cloud is an original software-based Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) solution that transports an on-premise PBX's forward-thinking solutions. Aeonix4Cloud was intended to develop customer and employee commitment, permit responsive remote working and intensely increase productivity - all at a reasonable charge. Aeonix was premeditated to meet present-day and forthcoming challenges of meted out organizations:

Scalability– Aeonix’s accessible design allows clients to purchase and set up only what they presently need and add consumers, remote places, and different applications as they become required. As a result, the average system solution can offer 20 to 25,000 users through similar software and apps.

Simplicity– Aeonix comprises combined management of all system facilities and applications. An innate GUI and an easy licensing mechanism make it stress-free to organize, administer and maintain. In addition, adding consumers, remote sites, or applications to one Aeonix server mechanically brings up-to-date all Aeonix servers in the system.

Open Architecture– Aeonix upkeeps typical protocols, for example, SIP (unmodified), CSTA, and Web Services. This planning permits customers to fit in a diversity of everyday applications flawlessly. And to add preferred devices to the system. Aeonix security safeguards system functionality and precludes unsanctioned operations.

Resiliency– Aeonix is a dispersed solution with no solitary point of breakdown utilizing a distinctive execution of Active-Active high accessibility. As a result, it provides the premier level of fault forbearance and hands-on flexibility.


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